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Company presentation

Philipson Wine is a dynamic 30 years old company, which in a very short time has become the leading importer of quality wines from all over the world and Bordeaux Cru Classé from France. In 1987 Christian Philipson started Philipson Wine after having worked 5 years in Burgundy and made his first contacts in the Wine World. In 1992 Philipson Wine introduced mail order sales which made it possible to remove costly intermediaries and establish direct sales to consumers. Since 2002 Philipson Wine has sold wine online and is today Denmark’s leading online wine distributor. 

Today Philipson Wine is divided in three sectors:

Direct sales to private consumers, mostly through

Direct sales to restaurants (HoReCa)

Direct business to business sales


Philipson Wine Trading:

In 2015 Philipson Wine Trading was established as a sister company to Philipson Wine. The mission of Philipson Wine Trading is to establish sales of wine through new sales channels and consolidate and develop the sales in the On-trade, Travel-Retail and Duty-Free segments and sales to other Scandinavian countries. By organization Philipson Wine Trading is also in charge of purchasing and product strategy while Philipson Wine continues as the distribution company to consumers, horeca and btb in Denmark.

Our website is by far the most successful wine website in Denmark today. More and more customers order through our website because it is convenient and easy. Around 95% of all private consumers order through our website and an increasing number of HoReCa and Business to Business customers are also using our site to order. Our website is of course open 24 hours per day all year round and that makes it easier for all kind of busy wine lovers to order when they find it appropriate.